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Most people equate stewardship with the solicitation of money. In this book, the author seeks to remove that stigma by providing a comprehensive biblical outline on Christian stewardship. 

This is the only book written on Christian stewardship that traces it back to the Garden of Eden.

The text quickly allows the reader to establish the relationship between personal salvation, spiritual fulfillment, enrichment in life, and his or her adherence to the biblical principles of Christian stewardship. The author presents concepts showing how stewardship can be used as an evangelistic tool. The reader understands the duality of stewardship; it provides a demonstration of God’s munificent love towards us while providing an opportunity for us to respond to His love.

This book is a "must have" for the individual who desires fulfillment and enrichment in their Christian experience.  If you have been selected to lead the stewardship program for your organization, then this book is the first tool that you should add to your portfolio. 

This is what the Stewardship Director of a large Christian organization had to say after reading his copy:
      "I compliment the author on a very well done, very scripturally sound book. My copy has sticky notes sticking out from the pages – lots of good thoughts."
        Dick Towner – Director, Stewardship Ministry - Willow Creek Community Church

In the Appendix section of the book, the author provides helpful hints and sample material that would make you an effective and successful stewardship leader or director. Included in this extra material is an excellent stewardship evaluation survey for your congregation plus some, simple yet powerful, biblical presentation points (that he has used in some of his seminars) to help you motivate them; he even includes a sample "Thank You" letter to assist you in keeping them motivated.  The Appendix section in this Christian book is analagous to the extra scenes you get when you purchase a DVD of your favorite movie.



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ISBN: 1591607752
Publisher: Xulon Press
Cost: $12.99

 Stewardship Book Chapters



When And How Did Stewardship Begin?


Stewardship As An Evangelical Tool


Stewardship—It’s All About Love


The Levitical System of Offerings: The Principles of Stewardship Revealed—Part 1

5. The Levitical System of Offerings: The Principles of Stewardship Revealed—Part 2

Why Does God Want a Gift From Me?


Is God Displeased With My Offering?


Teach Our Children True Stewardship


Why Most Stewardship Programs Fail


Organizing For A Successful Stewardship Program




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