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    "In tackling the sometimes unpopular subject of giving in the church, author Sealey has done a good job in his research. Using Scripture passages in a scholarly manner as authority for his statements, he explains to the believer why giving is so important. Most of the material covered is in keeping with conventional Christian teachings.
    There is much helpful material here, with suggestions for believers to use to help them be more systematic in their giving and forms and plans to help pastors in their efforts to raise funds for their churches. The writing is well done, highly readable and well-edited."
Writer's Digest
2004 – 11th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards
    "After years of trying to understand the subject of stewardship, Christopher Sealey has made this very misunderstood subject clearer. The methodology he uses is easy to follow and his conclusions are simple to apply to one’s life.
    He recently conducted a stewardship mini-seminar for my congregation and they have benefited from this book. They have since showed a new sense of looking at true stewardship as God’s love in action. This book is one that every child of God should read and apply the principles that are shared."
Roger R. Wade – Senior Pastor, Breath of  Life Seventh-day Adventist Church (Rochester, NY)
    "I compliment the author on a very well done, very scripturally sound book. My copy has sticky notes sticking out from the pages – lots of good thoughts."
Dick Towner – Director, Stewardship Ministry - Willow Creek Community Church
    "Christopher Sealey makes a worthwhile contribution to stewardship thought with this book. He seeks to present a broad approach to stewardship as a lifestyle, built on a solid biblical foundation."(read the full review)
Benjamin Maxson – Director, Stewardship Department - General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
    "This book is a must read for every believer. Christopher N. Sealey has studied the scriptures and made clear the concept of Stewardship. It speaks less of finances and more of the spirituality in being a good steward over all that God has entrusted to our care. 'Understanding The Spirituality Of True Stewardship - Godís Love In Action' is full of spiritual nuggets that can easily be applied to our everyday lives."
Rudelle Thomas - Divine Eloquence Magazine (
    "Sealey determines to transform the practice of Christian stewardship from a “mere ritual” to a spiritual experience. Both the Old Testament and The New Testament are surveyed for stewardship teachings. Scripture quotations are liberally used throughout the book. This helpful book on Christian stewardship.. is worth reading." (read the full review)
Dr. James E. Carter– “Haven’t You Read..” - LBC Live (October-November-December 2003 Issue)
Louisiana Baptist Convention
    "This book is replete with valuable insight and ideas. Christopher Sealey has taken time to do research beyond the norm on the subject of stewardship as it relates to the plan of salvation. Correlating the sacrificial system, salvation and stewardship. I have gleaned much by the way of usable information for my own approach to stewardship and would recommend this one for your library ."
Gil Webb – Stewardship Director, Central States Conference of Seventh-day Adventist
    "When the subject of stewardship is preached about or discussed, more often than not, it is about finances only. This book makes it clear that true stewardship encompasses every aspect of one's being, and possessions. Are you empty spiritually? Is your life boring? Try this paragraph from the book on for size - “When God places in your mind His principles of true stewardship, the Holy Spirit transcends you from the mundane things of the world to the important and meaningful things in life. This allows you to realize fulfillment in your Christian experience.”
    Find a comfortable, quiet place to read because, once you pick up the book it is hard to put it down. You will have a new or better understanding of this very important subject. It costs no more than a large pizza. It is worth it. "
Pat Harris, reviewer of many manuscripts
    "Oftentimes, texts are written from the products of research alone, not so with this book. It stands as a witness to the years of hard work Chris has given to the church. This text is not only about the philosophy of stewardship. It explains time tested strategies, methods, and principles Chris has employed as a treasurer, finance committee chair, church board member, elder, and disciple in the church of God. "
Dr. Neil Reid - Senior Pastor (Austin, Texas)
    "This text contains some original thoughts on stewardship which is indicative of the research done by the author."
Dr. Bertram Melbourne - Professor (School of Divinity, Howard University)
    "The book is well researched and on point. It speaks to the principles of life, namely the stewardship of time, talent, body, temple and treasure. Chris Sealey has covered these aspects of the stewardship arena very well. I recommend his book to all those who wish to enter into an experience that will take you notches higher in your understanding of human accountability and the deep concepts that govern life in general. This book is a “must read.” You will be delighted that you got your own copy. "
Newton U. Cleghorne, D. Min - Youth Ministries Director (Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists).

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