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For a low-cost monthly subscription, you can adopt this innovative approach to Bible study and Bible reading and experience its immediate benefits. As a member, you have unlimited access to our puzzles. New puzzles are added every week, for you to download directly to your device (iPad, NOOK®, iPhone/Droid smart phones or computer). Once you have downloaded the puzzles, the fun and learning experience begin. You can solve our puzzles offline at your convenience.  Please have available a New King James Version(NKJV) of the Bible to assist you in solving the clues. Our goal is for you, your family and friends  to enjoy Bible study. The Make Bible Study Fun program was developed by Chris Sealey, Christian author and speaker.

FREE puzzles are available for you to play-before-you-pay. We are confident that once you have tried our puzzles, you would sign up to gain access to the entire library of puzzles.

In the article, Solving Puzzles Satisfies The Nimble Brain, which appeared on the front page of the Science Times section in The New York Times, researchers concluded that solving crossword puzzles provides those satisfying "aha!" moments.  You can listen to the interview, which NPR's Neal Conan conducted with David Corcoran, science editor at The Times, to learn more about those "aha!" moments and other benefits of solving crossword puzzles.

By doing crossword puzzles you also enhance your mental power with doing so-called "mental fitness" exercises. They keep your wits sharp and fully alert, and let's face it, they're fun to do as well!

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