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Stewardship Seminar Presentation Titles

Chris Sealey
Christopher Sealey

Seminar for Members:

  1. The Origin of Stewardship: A comprehensive biblical outline of the origin of stewardship - how and when stewardship all began.
  2. Get it Together With God: The relationship between salvation and stewardship – why did God implement the system of stewardship and what is its true meaning?
  3. Setting the Captive Free: Stewardship as a means of evangelism.
  4. I Just Want to Say I Love You: Understanding God’s love for the human race through His principles of stewardship.
  5. Be All That You Should Be - Part I: Understand how you can live a very successful life in Christ. Determine or assess your spiritual gifts.  Establishing order in your life (Psalm 119:133).  God – His name is Yahweh.  Be a faithful steward and use every opportunity wisely.
  6. Be All That You Should Be – Part II: How to be sure that God is always pleased with your sacrifice.  God – His name is El Shaddai.  Realizing that no problem in your life is bigger than God.
  7. I am Somebody Special: Analyzing the biblical principles of stewardship to reveal God’s plan for your life. Learn what God had in mind for you when He created you.
  8. Moving Beyond the Tithes and Offering: Understanding what the Apostles and New Testament writers had to say about stewardship.

Seminar for Leaders:
All the titles for members, plus ...
Understanding the Stewards You Have Been Asked to Manage: Determine or assess your spiritual gifts and those of your congregation.
Developing a Vision, Supporting Goals, and Objectives for a Successful Stewardship Program.
Tips and Techniques to Lead a Successful Stewardship Program: Learning how to avoid the pitfalls that could lead to failure.

stewardship seminar for singles Seminar for Single Christians:
Stewardship of the Gift of Singleness  -  Understanding the spirituality of singleness.


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